Stand or Kneel?


We’ve had hurting hearts lately, haven’t we?  Harvey, Irma, Mexico City, Maria…

Standing versus kneeling.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?  The human heart.
It’s able to be broken because of devastating loss of life and property while rallying together as one nation under God around our hurting communities,  and instantly swing the pendulum and split into two over President Trump’s remarks and the NFL’s protests.

I will not use this post to make a stand on either side. I have my opinions, strong ones.  I am not at a place to voice those without laying my Jesus down for a few minutes, so I digress and choose Duct Tape.

Let me say now… If you’re looking to debate, today is not the day, and I am not the one.

But in answer to the unstated question I keep seeing discussed by so many on Facebook–

Will you teach your children to stand or kneel?
My answer is both.

I want them to stand when they believe in something.
I want them to kneel when they need the help standing firm.

I want them to stand up for others.
I want them to kneel before Heaven for others’ broken hearts.

I want them to stand tall in pride because of decisions they aren’t ashamed of making.
I want them to kneel in humble brokenness when they’re wrong.

I want them to stand out, known for their integrity.
I want them to kneel in quiet support when others deserve the forefront.

I want them to stand because THEY want to stand– not because of what a President says or does, and not because highly paid celebrities choose to or not to.
I want them to kneel and find out what Jesus wants above all others’ opinions.  Period.

I want them to stand in an awareness of who they are– loved, chosen, valued, forgiven, and smart.
I want them to kneel in desperate abandon when life makes them forget Whose they are.

I want them to stand proud of their country regardless of who is in the White House and remember that standing for their flag doesn’t mean standing for any man.
I want them to kneel in contemplation of what their generation is doing to perpetuate or negate the dream that Dr. King so passionately believed in and their very own Granddaddy risked everything for.

I want them standing with a megaphone in their hand when they need to speak up.
I want them kneeling in silence when they choose not to say words that wouldn’t be lovely or helpful or kind.

I want my children to stand when their hearts say stand.
I want my children to kneel when their hearts say kneel.

When they’re standing, I want them to look down at the ones kneeling, not out of of condescending pride, but out of compassionate understanding.
When they kneel, I want them looking up for the helpers.  The answers. For wisdom.  For hope.

In a country where we are all about “understanding” and “seeing both sides” and the “freedom of speech,” we sure are making a mess of it all for my kids if their side isn’t our side.  If their view isn’t our view.

If they stand, they’re guilty.
If they kneel, they’re wrong.

This is what happens when a compass is broken, y’all.  We wonder around and around and around, never finding True North in a situation.
Greed takes over.
Conversations stop and yelling begins.
Politics override principles.
Agendas bulldoze over people.
Hate gives birth to more hate.
Donkeys and Elephants both sit in their piles of poop and act like the only stink they smell is each other’s.
We blame.  We yell.  We assume.

You know what?

I’m convinced that most of us want the same things.
But we’ll never know for sure because half us are kneeling, half of us are standing, and almost all of us are making too much noise to listen to each other, much less to what God is saying.

Some of us need to stand up and grow up.
Others of us need to kneel down and be humble.
Our little ones are watching us, y’all.  We can’t expect them to do better if WE don’t do better.

Someone asked my son today if we should stand or kneel during the National Anthem.
His answer?

Eat their hamburgers.

I don’t know what all he meant by that.  But it kinda stuck with me hours after the fact.

The world is in protest for this, that, and everything in between, while our food– our very fuel– is being stolen from underneath us.

America’s strength used to be our colorful fabric.  Our diversity of thought, our differences, our equaled flaws and ancient ability to discourse without becoming enemies are what textbooks are written about in classrooms across this nation.  We used to be fueled by adversity and unified by challenges.  We used to not let Washington be the substitute for the Constitution, and we used to not base our opinions of a person off of their political views if they differed from ours.   Can you imagine that world?  The one where we agree we aren’t doing it right and we just eat a hamburger together in solidarity of humanity and unity?  I remember it.  I miss it.

I long for it. 

There will be times I will stand beside you.
There will be times I will kneel next to you.

But if we don’t get it together, soon, we won’t be able to be in close proximity with each other enough to do either.

That’s not an option I’m okay with for my kids.
And I really don’t believe you are either.

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